Month: August 2008

  • OK, we flunked five assignments

    In the Adversity is a Mean Teacher Department, ValleyWag has a typically snarky, but mostly appropriate post about five ways the newspaper botched the Web. My CliffsNotes version: No porn on Viewtron. (How’d we miss that one?) New Century Network didn’t include enough naked dancing on stages and things. Hmm, a trend. Real Cities ……

  • R. Neal in Denver

    Knoxville blogger Randy Neal (of KnoxViews and Tennviews fame) blogging at the Democratic National Convention. It’ll be interesting to see his perspectives on the proceedings. He also has aggregated many other bloggers at the convention.

  • Innovating at DNC

    Video coverage of the Democratic National Convention with Nokia N95’s by UNLV journalism students. Learn more.