Month: December 2008

  • Trends in my random patterns

    Is that you? I took this free personality test. I’m not sure it nailed me; I guess those that know me would have to weigh in, but it’s fun … and I expect it’ll be viral. (via Jay Rosen)

  • Trust me, if it happened, it’s covered on Twitter

    As I’ve noted before, Twitter is a unique communication service that just may be the best innovation in breaking news in the last couple of years. Here’s Loic Le Meur on the Denver Continental plane fire last night. A guy tweetering from the plane crash notes the Twitter user had better information than the official…

  • Tidings are not always glad

    There’s a chorus of sorts at this holiday season bringing tidings of things to come. The theme of these messages is that newspapers, TV stations and magazines are not doing enough to save themselves by radically rethinking their businesses. Slate media critic Jack Shafer perhaps makes the argument most poignantly in the “The Digital Slay-Ride.…