Month: January 2009

  • Quotable: A New Year’s resolution

    “I resolve to stay relevant amid tectonic changes.” — Miles O’Brien, axed by CNN in early December. (via Suzanne Yada, who has more)

  • Just send them this way

    Here are the top referring sites to this blog during 2008. The top two are really the same site since Glenn Reynolds has moved his Instapundit blog to Pajamas Media. It is interesting that for this site Google images ranks higher than the regular Google search engine. And Yahoo is a non-factor, showing up No.…

  • Top URLs of 2008

    Here are URLs with the most pageviews in 2008 for this blog. Thanks for reading. I appreciate it. Raising new and troubling questions … Home page Improve this post with comments Newspaper execs: This is not a fire drill Getting schooled in street politics May 2007 archives Blink and you’re beat Video category archive Trust…