Month: November 2009

  • Google Wave: Coolest places in Knoxville

    The number of Google Wave users is growing and people are find interesting ways to use it. Here’s one that is aimed at crowdsourcing the “Coolest Places in Knoxville.” If you’re on “Wave,” contribute to it.

  • Online legal issues links

    I’m doing a Webinar today on online legal issues, another in a series E.W. Scripps is doing with journalism professors at Hampton University using Skype and DimDim. These are some interesting conversations. I’ve put together a set of links for them and I thought others might find the list useful. An earlier set of links…

  • A day golf’s Mike Strantz would have enjoyed

    I don’t play golf and I never met golf course designer Mike Strantz, but I think he would have had fun yesterday on a sunny day with a bit of crispness and trees still holding some gold fall color across the rolling landscape of Piedmont North Carolina. The weather was splendid, the golf was good…