Month: November 2009

  • Your cell phone is Big Brother (but which one?)

    Fascinating blog post from Jeff Jonas about all the data that little cell phone you’re carrying is collecting:. The data reveals the number of co-workers that join you Thursdays after work for a beer, and roughly where you all go. It knows where these same co-workers call home, and just exactly what kind of neighborhood…

  • Scripps Twitter list

    I recently created a Twitter list of E.W. Scripps folks. If you’re with Scripps and want to be added to the list, fill out the form. Either way, consider following it.

  • Comment management draws lots of comments

    I had a great time doing a Webinar at the Poynter Institute on Thursday with Howard Finberg and a big assist from Elaine Kramer, who manages the Associated Press Managing Editors’ Online Credibility Roundtables. Our topic was management of online comments and Michele McLellan has some thoughts about it. Coincidentially, online comments on the…