Month: February 2010

  • Answer the call for training

    For the last couple of months, I have been helping plan a workshop that will be held April 9 at the Freedom Forum’s John Seigenthaler Center in Nashville (pictured above). A joint effort by the Online News Association and the Freedom Forum, it is called “Smart Phones for Smart Journalists.” It’s extremely affordable training at…

  • Managing change in local media

    Evansville Courier-Press Editor Mizell Stewart III discusses the need to communicate change at a February Mid-America Press Institute workshop.on “Innovation: Managing Change.” There is more at, including Steve Buttry on Twitter in the newsroom.

  • A Social Media innovation worth Google Buzz

    The Net buzz is about Google Buzz, which launched this week. It’s an important product, another turning point in the development of Social Media, no doubt. But it’s a week in which we were also reminded that game-changing ideas aren’t the sole province of big companies with legions of brillantly smart people. The New York…