Month: July 2010

  • Army journalist dies in combat in Afghanistan

    The first Army Journalist killed in combat since 9/11 died June 18 when he was struck by improvised explosive device while on patrol near Kandahar. See AP report. Photo: James P. Hunter, first Army journalist killed in combat since 9/11. AP / US Army Photo Related articles by Zemanta The War Project: Susannah Breslin launches…

  • More disruptive than anything ever seen

    “The internet is the most disruptive technology in history, even more than something like electricity, because it replaces scarcity with abundance, so that any business built on scarcity is completely upturned as it arrives there, You have to plan your corporate strategy around what the internet does.” — Eriic Schmidt,  Google CEO speaking at Activate…

  • 1 for All

    .. c From the “1 for All Campaign.”