Month: September 2011

  • Video has to be in the DNA of newspaper newsrooms

    There is compelling evidence that newspapers have a great opportunity in  video. If you’re a newspaper a newsroom header, don’t let shrinking newsrooms, the demands of multiple platforms, anemic advertising, or training or workflow issues deter you. Those are the challenges, not the indicators of whether it’s working. This piece is part of the September…

  • Two out of three times, the media gets it wrong

    When people say there’s nothing but “bad news,” they may mean wrong or slanted. The widely-shared belief that news stories are inaccurate cuts to the press’s core mission: Just 25% say that in general news organizations get the facts straight while 66% say stories are often inaccurate. As recently as four years ago, 39% said…

  • What the new Facebook means for journalists

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