Month: September 2011

  • If managing story comments are a pain, read this

    If you aren’t convinced that world peace is unachievable, read the online comment’s section of a newspaper sometime. Some nice coverage of the panel on comments I moderated at the APME Conference in Denver with David Arkin of Gatehouse Media, Bobby Burton of 247Sports and Steve Buttry of the Journal Register Co. It was a…

  • Be a more effective journalist on Facebook

    Facebook has begun doing quite a bit of extremely interesting research on how users interact with posts by journalists and on news pages. Vadim Lavrusik, Journalist Program Manager for Facebook, shared a few highlights of some of that research on Wednesday at the Associated Press Media Editors conference in Denver. Here are few points from…

  • Randy Neal and Stacey Campfield on same page

    Who knew? Randy Neal and Stacey Campfield on same page Sep 08 12:43:59 via HootSuiteknoxnewsknoxnews