Month: December 2011

  • The text message is still a teenager

    Source: Tatango SMS Marketing Cell phone text messaging turns 19 today. How long have you been texting? Related articles SMS Marketing to College Students ( Where Are You Guilty of Text Messaging? ( Infographic: Where Are You Guilty of Text Messaging? (

  • A newspaper company invented the iPad

    And you thought it was Apple. Silly you. Samsung doesn’t think so and its attorneys have set out to prove that. Who invented the iPad? Maybe onetime newspaper goliath Knight-Ridder.

  • Gannett, NYT launch comment system changes

    Gannett Corp. and the New York Times have rolled out changes to comments on their web sites. Gannett, which had been piloting using Facebook comments (a Facebook account is required to comment), is switching all sites to it. The New York Times unveiled a “trusted commenter” system. Both moves show media companies are still…