Month: June 2013

  • Google Reader Replacements R Us

    Google announced a couple months ago it was discontinuing, or “retiring,” Google Reader on July 1. Google’s decision seems to have created an opportunity for others. Recent reports have Digg, AOL, and Facebook working on Reader replacements. And there are others announcing or beefing up offerings. Meanwhile, Nick Bradbury, who has joined Automatic (makers of…

  • More on drone journalism

    More on drone journalism. (Photo via Ars Electronica)

  • Now this from our drone desk

    Which news organization will be the first to have a “drone desk?” The photo above was taken not by a journalist, but by a drone hobbyist in 2012 who believed a Texas meat packing plant was dumping blood into a river. He turned his photos over to state authorities, sparking an investigation.  “These drones are…