Month: March 2005

  • Paper Profits

    Ole Venob had a call from someone who said a copy of the News Sentinel Pat Summitt edition was selling for 41 bucks. Yep, sure thing. Here’s the link. Another seller has same paper up to $15.

  • ‘New News’ Retro

    Nora Paul has some good reading at OJR with ‘New News’ retrospective: Is online news reaching its potential?. Yes, 10 years ago — and even recently — the selling point was “Web as bottomless newshole” which turns out to be exactly what people don’t need. And newspaper news sites still don’t provide the convenience and…

  • Ken Sands via Susan Mernit

    Online Publisher Ken Sands in Spokane has good good points in this Online News post that the indefatigable Susan Mernit posted to her blog. “If you think about it, posting a newspaper online is giving people a snapshot of yesterday’s news. We should instead, give them today’s news and a bit of tomorrow’s news, as…