Month: March 2005

  • Send a plate flying

    Fixed some brain errors that hosed the Post Card program that sends “plate cards.” Send a photo of one of these beautiful Westmoore Pottery plates to someone! Send one now.

  • And the celebrating continues

    The Lady Vols beat No. 1-ranked LSU to win their first SEC title in five years. Here’s what Coach Pat Head Summitt said: “I’m glad to get up on the ladder and do something other than wash windows. I got to cut down the nets.”

  • Beautiful Saturday

    A very beautiful March Saturday in Knoxville. Sunny, 60 or so breezy. Jogging (I call it jogging … a fast walker could pass me, no doubt) at Lakeshore, I could hear: * The yells from the soccer fields. * The ping of aluminum bats at the batting cage. * Walkers on their cell phones. A…