Month: March 2006

  • Feeding the broadband news junkies

    Howard Finberg did a nice piece on the new Pew study yesterday and was left wondering at least two questions. Jay Small said today the report raised a related issue with him. Rob Runett summed up the major findings of the study:

  • Video games

    Kathy Gill invited people on the online-news list to join her conversation about the major networks use of Windows Media video formats instead of a more agnostic file format. That reminded me of the whole AP Video Network babble-prattle about its use of Windows only and Internet Explorer technologies. Mark Glaser, Steve Yelvington and others…

  • It seemed so simple

    Our 15-year-old wanted to put the PS2 on the Net and shelled out his own bucks for the $30 Internet Adapter that attaches to the Sony box. Course, then he realized that wasn’t all he needed to connect to a wireless network. He hit dad up for a “wireless gaming adapter” … the only one…