Month: June 2006

  • A site to get fanatical about

    Morris DigitalWorks has reborn (once in another incarnation a site we were involved in with the Web site) as a sports metasite. It’s certainly not the FanaticZone of yore. As Morris’ Steve Yelvington says: “Times change. Ideas change.” Tags: Web 2.0 | Sports | New Media

  • Just don’t leave a message

    I have always thought the only good purpose of the red “message waiting” light is as a night light for the phone so I particularly enjoyed Gina Trapani’s little post on “The inefficiency of voicemail.” The Guardian’s Charles Arthur got her cranked up and he has a great rant on one of the truly evil…

  • Still flying with baggage

    Seems fashionable to dish “old” newspapers as an ongoing enterprise. One of the latest came just last week when New Yorker columnist Malcolm Gladwell, on a panel as part of the celebration of Slate’s 10th anniversary bash, said newspapers were a lot like airlines: “The airline itself never makes any money, but everyone else connected…