Month: June 2006

  • Going to pot in North Carolina

    Marsha Mercer, Media General’s Washington Bureau chief, has a nice piece on a “mug quest” to one of the places I grew up in — and like to return to often. Apparently, it drew her back, too, for it wasn’t her first trip. She says she detoured to Seagrove, NC, while on a work assignment.…

  • LISTSERV turns 20

    Eric Thomas, who created the L-Soft listserver software that’s called LISTSERV, noted on the LISTSERV list owners’ forum that today is the software’s 20th anniversary and his 40th birthday. A history of the ubiquitous software is here. If you subscribe to many mailing lists, you’re probalby a LISTSERV user. The stuff runs like a tank!…

  • The Dave Morgan alarm clock is ringing

    Dave Morgan of Tacoda tells newspapers to wake up: . . two things that most newspaper companies lack these days, and if they don’t get them fast, they are most certainly dead–a vision and a plan for their own future. — Dave Morgan in Online Spin Tags: Newspapers | New Media | Media