Month: January 2007

  • Is this Polar problem due to Global Warming?

    I have a Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor Watch. Works great, except for one thing: the Sonic Link feature, that communications with your computer’s microphone and sends data to the Polar Fitness Trainer Web site. It usually takes me several times for the computer to hear the watch/heart monitor’s chirping. Sometimes I find it easier…

  • What readers really want to read

    One of these days journalists are going to find out what people actually want to read. And that should scare the hell out of them. — from a Dan Gillmor post

  • Happy First Birthday

    Congratulations to Randy Neal and the KnoxViews bloggers and users on the anniversary of the first year of operation of KnoxViews. For those not familiar, KnoxViews is a Knoxville blogging community site that skews toward government/politics/policy topics, but delves into a lot of areas with a vibrant community of bloggers. The stats are impressive. Tags:…