Month: February 2007

  • Arazie asks ‘how long should you wait?’

    Hmmm … this is not my editor’s AP. The august news wire, The Associated Press, is doing some experimenting. They’ve turned a young “product specialist” in the Online Video Network loose on the streets for eight weeks with a video camera, a Typepad account and some moxie. The results are well hidden inside ASAP, an…

  • After the fire, everything’s changed

    Michael Patrick / News Sentinel staff The early bloggers, people like Jeff Jarvis and Glenn Reynolds, point to 9/11 as the seminal event that forever changed their blogs and blogging as a way of writing about and interpreting news. I wonder if “Knoxville’s Great Warehouse Fire of 2007” (I think I stole that line from…

  • Less than helpful

    I couldn’t agree more. The click stalling is a real pain. Tags: WordPress | Snap Preview