Month: March 2007

  • In Twitter, the lead better be short — and forget the rest

    A news executive at another newspaper chain asked me the other day what I thought the journalistic application of Twitter is. In my email reply, I gave him the most insightful “I dunno” I could muster. Eric Berlin muses much better than I on that very issue after the question below was posed by “Bloggers…

  • It’s not a race, it’s a lifestyle

    Jason Calacanis explains the fatblogging philosophy. Tags: fatblogging | Jason Calacanis

  • Smile and fess up

    With the flash flood of attention, Twitter has had some growing pains. It got slow (it’s better, but still can be slow). Features disappeared (they’re still gone). People started whining (and probably still are). Twitter’s seemingly everywhere buzz could have developed into a Red Tide. But it hasn’t. I think that’s because they doing blog…