Month: March 2007

  • A 23-point plan for riches

    My browsing early Monday morning stumbled upon this 23-point code of conduct that E.W. Scripps (1854-1926) wrote in an essay titled “Some Outlandish Rules for Making Money.” It holds up pretty well a century or later for thinking about innovation and entreprenuership. 1. Never spend as much money as you earn. The smaller your expenditures…

  • Did OK this week

    Ended up walking more than running today, but otherwise OK.     SessionsCalories burned Time exercising Miles jogged/eliptical   Actual4 2450 3:26 13.19   Target 4 2000 3:15 No advice   The month-to-date miles is 37.09 Tags: jogging | fatbloggers | jason calacanis

  • Pop’s Kulture

    Various 20-something-to-30-something Random Girls have told me my knowledge of pop culture lacks a certain, hmmmm, immediacy (and that is a kind term, rest assured). But pop culture and its fads cycle around. So maybe I’m not hopeless. Don’t laugh. One of those cycles caught me in the last month. Several times while I was…