Month: August 2007

  • On cats and newsrooms

    Melissa Worden has a nice post on the Multimedia News Producers Workshop in Minneapolis. Someone put together a funny video about newsroom training being similar to training cats to fetch. Since herding them didn’t work, maybe teaching them to fetch will? I have to agree that training about “that Internet” is a lot of like…

  • This is strange enough to make Fark’s top page

    Somehow I totally missed this Tennessee tale. Drew Curtis, founder of the hugely popular “news” site, says the new media manager of a Memphis Fox TV station tried to hack his site. Curtis has done e-mail interviews with Mediaverse, a Memphis media blog, and ValleyWag, the Silicon Valley alpha-attitude gossip blog. Curtis says he’s…

  • Resizing photos based on the content!

    Content-aware image resizing is an amazing technloogy.  Watch the video to get an idea of how it works. I wonder how far it is from being adopted? Course, it brings up ethical issues. As the examples show, people or objects can just disappear from the resized photo.