Month: October 2008

  • The basement videos

    Dr. Helen Smith, sometimes known as the “Insta-Wife,” has made her Pajamas TV debut. Smith and her husband, Instapundit blogger Glenn Reynolds, are doing Internet TV or video from their basement. It’s not that different from what you see on the cable news networks, another sign that the next great media empire may be headquartered…

  • In the ring: Dolly vs Google

    Nothing like some star power to spice up a wonkee policy debate: Dolly Parton, among others, has come out against a plan to turn over the space between the digital television channels to a wireless broadband service, Performers like Parton and sports and entertainment venues fear the Federal Communications Commission’s “white space” plan will muck…

  • Read with me

    What I’ve been reading lately. (photo from the Newscoma)